[Release] Paraty gets ready for Virada Digital

- 08/05/2012


Hubs assembling is in full steam all over the town

Virada Digital Festival, which will be held from Friday to Sunday, in the town of Paraty (RJ), is starting to take shape. Since last weekend, assembly, scenography and production crews are working in fast pace to set up the structures and hubs – venues where Virada Digital will tackle tipics such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology and entertainment.

The first hub to be set up was Hub Estrela, in Pontal.  Other Hubs, Domes and stages are also being assembled in Praça da Matriz, Praça da Paz and Praça do Chafariz, really crowded areas in Paraty.

Technicians, scenographers, architects, specialists in interactive technology, all under Roberto Andrade’s coordination,  event’s Executive Director, work to make sure all structures follow the project entirely..

Virada Digital’s Institutional Director stress the satisfaction in seeing the structures rising: “It is really cool to see all those drawings becoming reality. Everything we had imagined so far is happening”.

On Monday, Paraty rose diferent with Hub Estrela placed and ready for Virada Digital main attractions. The opening will be on Friday (11th) at 9AM. Besides the hubs, the festival also offers Compacto Petrobras Stage, with several musical attractions such as rapper and Virada Digital’s curator MV Bill, who is going to perform at 9PM. All the festival attractions are free of charge.

About Virada Digital

Virada Digital is a Ninui realization, in partnership with MPI Digital and sponsored by Embratel, Cisco and Petrobras, not to mention the institutional support from federal, state and municipal governments.

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Further information:

Leonardo Aragão
(11) 3874-2041

Érico Nogueira
(11) 3874-2037

Release about the assembly of Virada Digital’s structures. The hubs start to take shape in Paraty.

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